Our Goal:

The Crystal River Trio has been an on going building project since it's conception in 1981. We are always striving to add new material to the list of songs that we perform on stage and to improving our sound and harmony. At this moment the Crystal River Trio has a repertoire of three hundred plus songs, eighty of which are Irish. Our goal is to keep the music alive and keep improving.

Brief History of the Crystal River Trio:

Crystal River was actually conceived by accident. Gary was playing a solo act at a local supper club and Bob was playing a solo act at another supper club. One evening when Gary was off he stopped in to listen to Bob. Gary sat in for a few songs with Bob. Someone requested a folk song from long ago. Then after many more requests and the evening was over, Crystal River was born. And yes, Crystal River was named after the Crystal River in Waupaca, Wisconsin. Gary and Bob spent a lot of time on that river and the Waupaca area during their high school days. One evening in 1987 while Gary and Bob were playing at a local supper club, Peter approached and asked it he could sit in the following week with his bass. That evening went well and sounded great, the trio was formed.